Long Road

As of 7/10/15, my book Vincent Alias Jack is not yet available. It isn’t easy to write that down. It’s been such a long and winding road, and I still have not reached my destination. But my determination has not changed. I will find a way.

After 5 1/2 years of research and writing, I completed the book on Nov. 9, 2011. It then took 11 months to acquire an agent, and another 11 months to part ways with my agent.

Many attempts have been made, but only a few editors requested the manuscript, and also a couple of movie producers, but to no avail. Other avenues have been attempted also.

My desire from the beginning was to go the traditional route, but due to the difficulty in breaking through the barrier of disbelief that the concept of this book presents, and because it has taken so long, and because it has caused me to go broke, I will likely find it necessary to turn to self-publishing.

Currently my financial situation is abysmal, but I’m taking slow muddy steps forward. By August, I could get out of the mud onto firmer ground, at least.

So many have waited so long to see what this book has. I’ve been pushing it, whetting everyone’s appetite, but then I’ve left everyone with empty plates. This has caused some to speculate I don’t have the goods or that I don’t even have a book. This is difficult to take, considering the work and time and expense I’ve put into it. But I know what I have, and I remain vigilant and confident. I will find a way. I just hope it’s before I’m dead. Ha!

To those supporters who have waited so long–thank you! To the deniers and defiers and rejectors–thank you too. You’ve tested me, and it’s made me stronger.

Nothing has changed. The facts and evidence are the same. Vincent van Gogh was Jack the Ripper!

Dale Larner

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